Moonshine On The Vine – EP

Moonshine On The VineThis album was recorded as pure and organic as possible. Which means all LIVE performances in a full band recording process with minimal overdubbing (re-recording). BJ felt to capture the music the way an audience receives it, would paint an authentic portrait of his artistry. Moonshine on the Vine is raw and right down to the core you can feel this when you listen to his EP. Hence the name “Moonshine On the Vine.” BJ used to make wine from his granddad’s muscadines/scuplines and they were so damn sweet occasionally, he’d get a few bottles that would turn into moonshine. It wasn’t expected, but was a fortunate and awesome accident. We hope this is what the music does to you as well.

Check out his first single “Anything She Wants” which celebrates BJ’s playful sense of humor: Anything She Wants – Single – BJ Wilbanks.
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