Anything She Wants


  1. Anything She Wants

Anything She Wants

© BJ Wilbanks, Back Porch Soul Publishing (ASCAP)

Yeah you might quit me, but oh you’ll never forget
How much you need me and it’s not over yet
You love me so badly then you let me go
And I’m just a habit you drop before it grows

Well I know, that that girl, she’ll always get
Anything she wants
Anything at all
Anything you want Baby you’re gonna get for sure

She’ll come on real strong and then she’ll tell you no
Soon as you get her warm she starts running cold
Tell me where they come from and why they always go?
I wouldn’t trust one further than I could throw

Well I know, that that girl, she’ll always get
Anything she wants
Anything at all
Anything you want Baby you’re gonna get for sure

I’m fit to be tied, but oh I’m lovin’ it
Last Saturday night was by far the best
She’s such a sweet thing when she puts it on ya
But in the morning Lord you know she’s gone

Well I know, that that girl, she’ll always get
Anything she wants
Anything at all
Anything you want Baby you’re gonna get for sure
Anything you want Baby
Anything you want child, Lord you’re gonna get

Album design by Evan Leavitt.

Guitars, vocals: BJ Wilbanks
Drums: Nathan Lathouse
Bass: Jason Pomar
BGVX: Shaunise Brown
Tambo: Calvin Kelley
Organs/Hammond B3: John Marsh
Engineer: Johnathan Beckner
Recorded at Real 2 Reel Studios

Radio Test Reviews:

1.“”Anything She Wants” a very heartwarming rock song with natural lead rock singer and musicians. Very
talented artists,the lead male singer is a natural rock singer and really has that dynamic voice which works
well with the heavy metal guitarists and solid drummer. Good instrumental and vocal balance. This song is
tuneful easy to listen too but has all the hallmarks of becoming a rock hit.”

2. “What started off as a calm song quickly transitioned into an inspirational one, at least for me. I was drawn
to the rhythm of the music and bound to the words that followed. I believe many listeners will share my
enjoyment. This could easily be a song that sells millions. This touched me in the right
places and it is clear that the artist puts their every breath into the heart of their music. The beat is easy to
follow and the tune is very memorable. This track is great in all aspects!”

3. “Definitely some hot guitar skills. Great tone too. It ‘s mixed well, everything seems balanced and not out of
sync. I don’t know if this could make it onto country radio stylistically, but it would get me to stop on my
local country station for sure, definitely a lot better than most anything on their. I’m digging it. Great voice.
More than anything, though, keep the guitar players. Those guys know what they’re doing.”

4. “Love the way this song starts, the guitar solo at the beginning really sets the song up for greatness. The
artist has an amazing voice and it really sets up well with the melody of this song and it just translates into
amazing rhythm and I enjoy it. Not my type of music but I loved this song. Has a ton of potential! It is very
smooth and it transitions well with the voice of the artist and the instrument in the background. Great

5. “Beautiful voice dude. Sends shivers up my spine! I love the lyrics and the guitar riff
matches perfectly with that passionate voice. Sounds like you are singing from the bottom of your soul and
your have experience with the girl first hand. Keep up the good work your going to be a superstar.”

6. “I love the beginning of this song! I think if you put this on the radio stations it would definitely get a lot of requests, hits, and downloads!I personally would play this at a party! I can see it now…:)
This could really get people in the mood to dance and sing along as well… a true party starter! The
instruments used in this song are really great together as well! I love the background singers voices as well! I
like this genre a bit more now. Also the lyrics can speak to people! The beat is awesome as well!”

7. “good job! I really thought that the song was great. I mean as soon as it started started the beat and the
guitar or just amazing. It ‘s one of the songs, that would have started playing you automatically start
bobbing your head. I think lyrics are good and you would find people connecting with them often. yyour
voice is also really really amazing, your voice is like the icing on the cake for the song. This song reminds me
of summer, I feel like the song would be present at bonfires.”

8. “Loving the song, very easy to lose your self in this song, great vocals, some powerful lyrics. Especially
impressed with the guitar work, nice and upbeat. Guitar reminds me of seasick Steve. I have high hopes for
this band. Very well put together. Definitely listen to these again.”

9. “Loved this song. Very catchy intro. Melody was very solid and the lyrics held my interest and made me want
to know more about this wicked woman and how she played the singer. Could definitely see this on the
charts as a hit.”

10. “A wonderful country rock song. The guitar was powerful at times and always enjoyable in rhythm and tone.
The beat was dynamic and held everything together nicely. The vocals were expressive, crisp and sang the
lyrics with effort and a good tone. I thought the chorus was catchy and the vocals allowed the guitar to solo
at the right moments. Top quality.”

11. “I think this song, a mixture od blues and southern blend is superb in every way. I love the strength of the
steel guitar and the riffs are just uncanny. I like the unique blend of background singers in the chorus. There
is a great rhythmic beat that just moves the soul. I think the lyrics have great poise and are creatively
written. The guitar licks towards the middle are awesome and really make this song. The overall
performance and vocal is superb and I would love to see this live. I would buy this on any place to get music
for sure.”

12. “Southern rock as it should be! Sliding guitars everywhere, awesome sounding guitars and even better vocals
to top it all. This band is really talent and brings so many interesting southern rock melodies that they should
be institutionalized! Really good lyrics, awesome vocal interpretation and great guitar riffs: all the must have for a song in this style!”

13. “The guitar sounds amazing with the artist vocals to this song. The artist has such a sexy sound to him. I
don’t know what type of genre of this song but who cares its good music regardless. The guitars in this
piece sound amazing! I find myself just drifting away in the strings being played. The artist has a soulful
sound to him with a little hint of a blues vibe. The ending was such a lovely way to bow out from this amazing
song that was just introduced to my ears. This song was awesome!”

14. “I’m from Texas and this is very southern rock/ new country. I can firmly say that this record is well
engineered and mastered. Nothing is off level. I like the drum drop for the intro to the rhythm guitar solo. I
also like the faint female backup vocals on the chorus. I like the use of the tambourine its faint as well but
you can her just enough. I really like the steel guitar ending very simple but it was a perfect touch.”

15. “Ok so why haven’t I heard you on the radio, sir? I need the top down on my convertible listening to this easy
song. The instrumentals are on target, as well as the quality of the recording, and musicians are top notch. It is a joy to hear, and well executed, and written. Congratulations!”

16. “Right from the beginning of this tune the guitar has a great rake to slide bend feel to that guitar! The vocals come in with a very nice blues/ rock vibe to them. lyrically the vocals are a blues mans dream or Eric Clapton rival. The drummer is got that nice snap in his wrist and places the hi hat to ride ratio just right! Here some blues u have not heard in a while.”