Georgia native BJ Wilbanks creates blues-infused rock music reminiscent of a bygone era, combining deeply-rooted Delta blues, funk, soul, and acoustic Southern rock to create a sound that is familiar, yet uniquely his own. BJ has developed his own sub-genre of Americana which he refers to as “back porch soul.” His tales of heartache, love, and life combine artfully with an engaging live performance.

BJ’s original songs range from heart break romantic to bad a$$ stomp-your-foot groove. He’ll often sling his guitar over his lap to play a slide tune that will transport you to a smoky blues bar in the bayou and then chase it with a tune that will bring you back to reality with an original rock anthem. Simply said, BJ Wilbanks has the ability to take you on a musical journey.

BJ’s early performances were centered around the city of Rome, Georgia with a band called The Southern Thread, for which he wrote the songs Grab Your Guns and Hate the Touch. The Southern Thread enjoyed regional popularity, performing at the Roman Roast BBQ Festival and winning 2nd place in the Rome Battle of the Bands as well. After TST’s dissolution, Wilbanks (now based in Atlanta) turned his artistic focus to songwriting and solo performance, frequenting venues such as Props-N-Hops, The Tavern, Ragamuffin Music Hall, and the acclaimed songwriter’s haven, Eddie’s Attic. In 2011 he was a semi-finalist in their renowned Songwriter’s Open Mic. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, BJ made it into Eddie Owen Presents at Red Clay Theatre’s Bi-annual Songwriter’s Shootout.

BJ’s considerable songwriting chops include catchy tunes sporting meaningful lyrics that emote a truth incorporating life and all that it has to offer. His rootsy melodies and sentimental lyrics provide a mental escape hatch to a simpler, more fulfilling life.